Bartonvale Technologies

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Bartonvale Technologies is a strategic consultancy specialising in defence and aerospace operated since 1997 by Peter Smith, a nationally and internationally recognised expert on Australian and international strategic planning and implementation. 

His wide career experience on which the consultancy is based includes roles as CEO of major Australian aerospace and defence primes, chair and a director of a number of SMEs, chair and a member of the boards of Australian and international industry associations, and senior governance roles in university and vocational education.

In twenty years of senior level consultancy activity, roles undertaken have included:

         Development of strategic plans for companies, governments and industry associations

         Customer-specific analysis of Government policy documents

         Opportunity identification, and capture planning

         Bid and proposal activity

         Australian Industry participation options

         Contract negotiations

         Mergers and acquisitions

         Non-executive Board roles

Consultancy services are provided to Australian resident organisations and to overseas clients bidding for Australian contacts.

Policy Analysis

Consultancy services provided typically include an overview of new or updated major Government policy documents (National Innovation and Science Agenda, Defence White Paper, Defence Integrated Investment Program, Defence Industry Policy Statement) and detailed extracts relevant to the client‘s interests.  For new international clients, this is often accompanied by an overview of Australian government structures and processes. 

Strategic Planning

Consultancy services range from working with the client to develop integrated plans for new or expanded entry into the Australian defence and aerospace markets through to smaller scale sector or project specific strategies.  The analysis includes capability needs assessments, competitor identification, financial analysis, decision structures/processes, activity phasing and resource requirements.

Opportunity Identification & Capture Planning

This represents the tactical follow-on to Strategic Planning, working with clients for early identification of opportunities, identifying key contacts, developing win themes and assisting in the development of detailed bid and proposal plans.

Bids and Proposals

Consultancy services in the bid and proposal phases typically focus on ensuring client understanding of key Australian capability priorities and weightings, and assisting overseas clients to ensure that responses are “Australianised”.

Australian Industry Participation Options

This has become an increasingly significant element of client support reflecting Increased Government priority recently given to maximising the economic and innovation benefits of Australian industry participation in new Defence acquisition and sustainment projects, and the advice is built on experience ranging through a spectrum of options from indigenous R&D through collaboration, licensed production, assembly & test, global supply chains, and local sustainment.

Consultancy services include:

         Identification of relevant Australian partners/suppliers

         Briefings on new Defence Industry Policy Statement and other Defence Industry policy/process documentation

         Advice on applicable Sovereign Industry Capabilities

         Project-specific Australian industry participation priorities

         Support in developing Australian Industry Capability pans.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Consultancy services are provided to clients interested in purchasing or selling Australian defence and aerospace companies.  These services are based on experience in the acquisition and sale of major Australian companies and specialist SMEs.

Civil Aerospace Participation

In addition to defence-related consultancy services, in-depth support is provided to clients wishing to participate in new international civil aerospace programs, particularly airliner projects.  This support is based on civil aerospace experience including collaboration, risk-sharing partnerships and supply chain bidding.

Civil consultancy services include:

         Opportunity identification

         Proposal development


Peter Smith can be contacted as follows:

Office:  13 Antigua Court, Mawson Lakes, SA, 5095

Phone: +61 (0)8 8359 0993

Mobile: +61 (0)419 806 474